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Congrats! You’ve now built a fully-functional, robust, and secure REST API using Spring Boot!

Your Accomplishments

Let’s review all your course accomplishments:

  • You’ve delved into REST and the lore of HTTP verbs: not just GET, but also PUT, PATCH, and POST.
  • You've used HTTP response status codes as designed: not just 200 OK, but 204 NO CONTENT and 201 CREATED as well.
  • By using Spring Boot, you’ve now got a solid understanding of Spring. You learned about its Inversion of Control container, how to use annotations, and how to employ auto-configuration to free you from configuration tasks.
  • You built the API using a layered architecture. You understand how Spring Security sits at the “front” of the API, Spring Web enables HTTP communications between the API and its clients, and Spring Data handles reading and writing to/from the relational data store.
  • You used a test-first approach to provide confidence that your application works as designed while driving out your app's functionality.
  • You drove your implementation using a Steel Thread - exercising all the integration points and validating your architecture early on to de-risk your functionality.
  • You used the Red, Green, Refactor process to improve your code (and tests!) throughout the application development.

Keep Learning

Throughout this course, we’ve used simple and proven Spring technologies, striving to keep the application only as complex as it needs to be. While we’ve employed only a small subset of the Spring framework, you’ll encounter many more Spring technologies, patterns, and architectures as you work on more Spring-based projects.

To continue building your knowledge, check out our Spring Certified Professional learning path. You’ll expand upon your foundational knowledge with Spring Framework Essentials, followed by a deeper dive into Spring Boot. Packed with hands-on exercises, focused on fundamentals, and fine-tuned to prepare you for the certification exam, this learning path is your ticket to Spring pro status.

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Congrats! You’ve now built a fully functional, robust, and secure REST API! Let's celebrate these accomplishments, and talk about what to learn next.

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