Felipe Gutierrez

Staff Engineer

I've been a VMware engineer working in various teams for 11 years including:

  • Professional Services as Consultant for Spring and RabbitMQ
  • Technical Instructor teaching Spring and RabbitMQ, and Developer Content

I've also taught workshops and breakouts sessions on Spring Boot, Spring Cloud Dataflow, Spring Cloud Stream at Spring One, and Devnexus.

I am a book author for Apress Media with best sellers such as Pro Spring Boot, Spring Boot Messaging and Spring Cloud Data Flow.


Securing a REST API with OAuth 2.0

Securing a REST API with OAuth 2.0

In this course, you'll learn how to secure a Spring Boot REST API with Spring Security and OAuth 2.0. From leveraging Spring Security defaults, JWT-based authentication and authorization, to using Authorization Servers, you'll learn the best practices for securing your APIs, and implement these best practices in our hands-on labs.