Joe Moore

Senior Staff Engineer, Software Consultant, XP nerd

My history with VMware Tanzu Labs reaches back to 2005. I'm a passionate software engineer and Agile (XP!) practitioner with a mission to help others achieve amazing outcomes through software -- almost always Spring-based software. Every project I've worked on for the past decade has used Spring! I've also pair programmed over 30,000 hours, both in person and through remote pair programming.

When I'm not slinging code and learning material, I'm playing music, collecting guitars and amplifiers, petting cats, and spending as much time as possible with my incredible wife.

Courses Contributed

Building a REST API with Spring Boot

Building a REST API with Spring Boot

In this beginner course, you’ll learn how to build a complete REST API from start to finish with Spring Boot. With our interactive labs, you’ll get hands-on practice every step of the way — bootstrapping with Spring Initializr, through authenticating & authorizing with Spring Security.