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REST with the Best

Get hands-on and build a complete REST API—from bootstrapping all the way to authentication—in Building a REST API with Spring Boot.

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Master the Essentials

Build a rock-solid foundation in the concepts needed to build modern business applications with Spring Framework Essentials.

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Level up with Boot

Go beyond the basics and take a deep-dive into the most common features used when building Spring apps with Spring Boot.

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Learn by doing

Theory is important, but nothing solidifies learning like getting your hands dirty and writing some real-world code. Our interactive labs balance learning with doing, so your developers can better integrate their new Spring knowledge through hands-on coding exercises, right in the browser.

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Spring Academy Pro for Teams is your ticket to fast-tracking your entire team to Spring Certified Professional status.

Every Spring Academy Pro membership includes access to all the prerequisite course material for the Spring Certified Professional exam, developed and curated by the world’s foremost experts in Spring. We even throw in a free exam voucher.

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